Here are a few testimonials from our dance members.


"We have come to Jitterbugz to spice up our “Pub Rock” Sam and Karen have showed us new moves, some dips and drops and how to combine some swing into our Rock n Roll. We love going to classes and learning a new move every week and catching up with everyone."

Gary and Joan Eldridge.



"I never thought I would be able to dance being a truckie, then I phoned and spoke to Karen and went for private lessons. I was a bit hesitant being taught by a lady to dance the man’s part, I couldn’t believe the amount of knowledge Karen and Sam have. The advantage of being taught by them I found was that after they showed me what I was meant to do they then could dance with me to make sure I was leading correctly, truly amazing ladies and amazing teachers…Im hooked!"

Peter Hannaford

"We are doing Private lessons to put together a routine for our wedding day, we are having a lot of fun and cant wait to show our family and friends what we have learned."

Steven and Kate